Hot Links: H1N1 Vaccines, Phoenix Ranks 93rd, and Severed Arms

Nearly one million doses of the H1N1 vaccine are scheduled to arrive in Arizona next month, but not everybody will get a shot right away. Health officials are reserving the initial batch of shots for health-care workers, children, and expectant mothers, and say the general public may not get their immunizations until December...A stunt motorcyclist injured after he was run over by a city worker at the Chandler Ostrich Festival is asking Chandler for more than $8 million in damages. The man's attorney says his injuries include a "permanent brain injury"...Children's Health Magazine recently published a list of 100 cities that are the best places to raise a family, and Phoenix came in at 93rd. According to the magazine, the low ranking stems from poor education, a high crime rate, and the commute times to schools...

A two-alarm fire blazed through a warehouse at 22nd Avenue and Roosevelt Street early this morning. Firefighters called out additional crews to battle the fire, which was eventually contained with no injuries and without the fire spreading to surrounding buildings. The cause is unclear...A rabies quarantine enacted in April in the Flagstaff area is over. The quarantine placed restrictions on cats and dogs within a 15-mile radius of Flagstaff, and was put in place after numerous foxes and skunks tested positive for rabies last fall...An Air Force Sergeant who recently returned from Iraq had his arm torn off in an altercation outside a Tucson bar. Authorities say sergeant Aaron Soetaert, 22, was  leaving the bar when he got into an argument with the driver of an SUV. Soetaert reportedly stuck his arm through the vehicle window to grab the driver, and the driver took off. When the driver turned a corner and hit a tree, Soetaert's arm was severed. No charges have been filed at this point.  

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