Hot Links: Hillary Nixes Second White House Run (Sorta), McCain Mocks Obama Stimulus Plan, Rolling Stone Shrinks.

By Stephen Lemons

McCain mocks whippersnapper Obama's stimulus plan. Hillary puts kibosh on second White House bid, kinda-sorta. DPS medic killed by copter blade. Family's Rottweilers attack baby boy in SoPho. Big Stat back at Suns practice following eye injury. Barbosa returns, too, after visiting sick mom in Brazil. Citizen's Denogean blasts rise in anti-Hispanic hate. Democratic Diva uncovers shenanigans in the funding of that sleazy anti-Saban ad. 401(k) funds slide along with stock market. (But you knew that.) Number of hate groups on the rise in Sand Land, SPLC says. And Rolling Stone downsizes to traditional mag format. Ours is the era of shrinking giants.

Obama, Pelosi propose stimulus, McCain mocks it.

Hillary nixes idea of second run at White House, almost.

Rottweilers ravage toddler in South Phoenix.

DPS medic slain by copter blade.

Stoudemire back on the boards after injury.

Barbosa rejoins Suns after Brazil trip.

Citizen’s Denogean decries rise in anti-Hispanic hate.

401(k) plans take huge hit in stock market dive.

Democratic Diva sleuths funding for sleazy anti-Saban ad.

More hate groups in Sand Land, SPLC says.

Sign of the times: Rolling Stone shrinks.

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