Hot Links: Home Loans, AZ Soldiers, and Church Meals

To try to fill vacant homes and revitalize neighborhoods, the city of Phoenix is offering residents a $15,000 loan toward a down-payment on a foreclosed home. The stipulations are that loan recipients must live in the house and arrange their own mortgages...More than 150 Arizona soldiers from the 366th Support Maintenance Company left for an 18-month deployment to Iraq this morning. It is the second tour for many of the soldiers...Officials at city of Phoenix have told Crossroads United Methodist Church that they must cease holding a Saturday service in which they feed area homeless on the church lawn. The city says the church is violating its zoning ordinance...A man in Glendale lost his newly restored 1969 Chevy Mustang when he left it idling in his garage and ran inside his house for a moment. A thief jumped in the classic car and promptly crashed it into a brick wall, totaling it. Unfortunately, the owner of the Mustang didn't have insurance...Former MMA fighter Kimo Leopoldo was surprised to read of his death in several news outlets, including USA Today, which stated he died Monday of a heart attack. Leopoldo is actually alive and well in California...Peoria woman Ayrin Vick, 27, was arrested and charged with 2nd-degree murder yesterday. Vick had called 911 on July 2 to report her 3-year-old daughter was not breathing. Medical examinations determined the child died of internal injuries caused by blunt-force trauma. 

PHX offers $15 foreclosure loan program

More than 150 Arizona soldiers leave for Iraq

City to Church: Stop Feeding Homeless

Thief Steals Restored Car, Crashes It

MMA fighter reportedly dead, which is news to him

Peoria woman faces 2nd-degree murder for child's death

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