Hot Links: Homeless Hero, Robber's Ruse, and a Copy Cop

Employees at the Chase bank inside Fry's near 30th street and Thomas were surprised when a "delivery man" carrying a box turned out to be a robber. The suspect talked his way into the secure office, then escaped with a large amount of cash...Chrysler is closing five Arizona dealerships in an attempt to curb its financial woes. The bankrupt motor company plans to shut down a quarter of its dealerships nationwide...Four men have been indicted in connection with the 2007 assisted suicide of a Phoenix woman, Jana Van Voorhis. Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas says Voorhis was mentally, not terminally, ill, and has charged the men with manslaughter and conspiracy to commit manslaughter. New Times covered the story, "Death Wish," back in 2007 and was also the first to report the indictments...Just in time for this weekend's NRA convention, ABC 15 has a report on the increased numbers of women buying firearms. One female gun enthusiast in the Valley speculates part of the reason is concern over Barack Obama's possible policies regarding gun restrictions...A Surprise man named David Word faces felony charges after pulling somebody over and pretending to be a cop. The problem was, Word pulled over a real police officer who was on his way to work in his own vehicle.

Tellers tied up during 'elaborate' bank robbery

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.