Hot Links: Horne's Tickets, Frommer's Snub, and DNA Samples

State school superintendent Tom Horne has received half a dozen speeding tickets in the past 18 months, including one for speeding in a school zone. Horne says he's paid all the tickets he's aware of, and said he is interested in running for attorney general next year...Chandler has barred the Vien Minh Buddhist Temple from holding services on Sundays, after an investigation revealed zoning violations. The City Council could grant a permit that would allow services to resume next month, with a limit on the number of participants...Tourism guru Arthur Frommer has posted negative comments about Arizona on his blog, urging tourists to "safeguard themselves by avoiding stays in Arizona." The comment was connected with armed protesters at President Obama's appearance in the Valley, and state tourism officials are worried that Frommer's comment could negatively impact the tourism industry here...

The manager of a Prescott motel has been arrested on drug charges. Brenda Morrison, 44, was taken into custody after trying to sell marijuana to undercover officers from the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office at the Mile Hi Motel. An alleged male accomplice was also arrested...State budget cuts have left more than 8,000 DNA samples unentered into a state database, which crime lab officials say causes delays in the identification and apprehension of suspects. The crime lab saw more than a 70 percent decrease in its budget from the last fiscal year...Mexico has decriminalized the possession of small amounts of marijuana, cocaine, and heroin. The law lays out permissable "personal use" amounts, and offers free treatment for addicts. Prosecutors are calling the move a smart step toward limiting police corruption and winning the country's drug war.

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