Hot Links: Joe Arpaio investigated by FBI, Steve Berman served, Fulton Brock's secret taping, monsoon closes Sky Harbor.

By Stephen Lemons

Fulton Brock's Dick Nixon move. Not too swift, Sherlock. Arpaio probed by the Feds. Here's hoping they ain't gentle. Steve Berman's wife wants a divorce. Can't imagine why. The Saints trash Cards in preseason opener. D-Backs decimated by Braves. The MCSO claims its crime stats are down, not up. You can start laughing now. Carl's, Jr. mogul Jason LeVecke wants a piece of Russell Pearce. Join the club, Jason. And Rum, Romanism and Rebellion takes on GOP tusk-hunters.

Sky Harbor shut down by storm.

FBI probes Arpaio.

Supervisor Fulton Brock’s secret taping.

ACLU vs. Arpaio over abortion.

Fast-food tycoon Jason LeVecke opposes Russell Pearce.

Steve Berman served with divorce papers.

MCSO claims crime numbers down, not up. (Riiight.)

Saints pound Cards in preseason opener.

Braves butcher D-Backs.

Olympics begin in Beijing.

R-cubed skewers elephant-hunting.

Denogean on AZ GOP Civil War.

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