Hot Links: John McCain Gambles and Loses on House Vote, Supes Critic Randy Parraz Arrested, Sarah Palin Attends Debate Camp at McCain Ranch.

By Stephen Lemons

House nixes $700 billion bailout. McCain, Wall Street lose. Board of Supervisors critic and MCSA organizer Randy Parraz arrested by MCSO. Local racists attack Native Americans, shooting one. Scottsdale's Dickie's Dogs threatened again, this time with fake dynamite. Cards' Boldin recovering after violent slam by Jets player. Shaq's back in town, ready to hit the boards. Charlton firing and Renzi investigation unrelated, Feds say. Prosecution rests in O.J. case. (Now, that's deja vu, baby.) Mars lander detects snow on red planet. And vets proscribe Prozac to puppies 'cause the market's gone to the dogs.

Arizona House members vote “no” on bailout plan.

McCain gambled, lost on House vote.

County Supes critic Randy Parraz arrested during meeting.

“White pride” group assaults Native Americans, shooting one.

Scottsdale restaurant targeted again, this time with fake bomb.

Cards’ Boldin recovering after Jets player’s violent hit.

Shaq weighs in with Suns, says he’s ready to play.

Feds say Renzi probe, Charlton firing not related.

Palin attends “debate camp” at McCain’s Sedona ranch.

Prosecution rests in O.J. robbery case.

Mars lander spots snow on red planet.

Vets proscribe Prozac for pooches.

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