Hot Links: John McCain's bounce, Sarah Palin's hypocrisy, Tucson cockfighters, and Michael Jackson's underpants.

By Stephen Lemons

Geezer McCain's got more bounce than Obama? That'll teach the whippersnapper. "Reformer" Sarah Palin billed Alaska for time spent at home. (It's the hypocrisy, stupid.) McCain speech heckler was a Phoenix gal. (You go, girl.) Pro-immigrant firebrand Isabel Garcia cleared in Arpaio pinata controversy. Phoenix Mercury best blast the Shock today, or else. Tucson cockfighters caught holding the, uh, never mind. El Mirage teens popped with cache of AK-47s. And just in time for Christmas, Michael Jackson's not-so-tidy whiteys on eBay. DNA kit sold separately.

McCain’s bounce bigger than Obama’s.

Remember the McCain speech heckler? She’s a Phoenix gal.

Palin billed Alaska for trips, time at home.

Firebrand Garcia cleared in Arpaio piñata flap.

Hurricane Ike could hike Zona gas prices.

Giants roll over D-Backs, 6-2.

Mercury must rock the Shock to stay in playoffs.

Sun Devils’ Munns out for UNLV game.

Tucson bank robber takes hostages, kills self. El Mirage teens popped with AK-47s, pot.

Tucson cockfighters collared.

Jacko’s used undies to sell on eBay.

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