Hot Links: Kidz in the Hall, Paris Hilton, pimps and hos, and D-Backs scuttle Pirates' ship, again.

By Stephen Lemons

Kidz in the Hall's Double O beat down by Cherry Lounge bouncers. (Don't the dopes know not to mess with the talent?) Valley pimps and hos paddy-wagoned by P-town po-po. Joe Arpaio's numbers tumble in new Rocky Mountain Poll. (Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.) The Rep profiles Gerald Richard, Tim Nelson, and fight against Andrew Thomas. Brandon Webb pitches D-Backs past Pirates. Cards lose guard Carlton Medder for at least four weeks. And Paris Hilton smacks around Old Man McCain. Betcha he likes it that way.

Arpaio’s numbers tumble in new poll.

Kidz in the Hall DJ Double O beaten by bouncers at Tempe club.

Republic spotlights County Attorney race.

PHX pimps and hos (alleged) popped.

Trib video of the call-girl collars.

Grampa McCain touts trophy wife for topless contest.

Cards’ guard Medder out for four weeks.

Webb shines in D-Backs win over Pirates.

Wing-nut Pearce backs recall against Gordon.

Mailer targets Pearce in abuse allegations.

ICE self-deport plan a bust.

And in case you live under a rock, Paris Hilton bitch slaps McCain.

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