Hot Links: KKK members kill would-be recruit in Louisiana; Oilman T. Boone Pickens, in Phoenix, Says Oil Prices Will Rise Again Soon; Local parades mark Veterans Day

By Ray Stern

The KKK members suspected of shooting a woman who wanted to join the Louisiana group went to great lengths trying to cover up their crime, going so far as to pull a .40-caliber bullet from her body. It was an impressive cover-up attempt – until two of them dropped by a Circle K and asked a clerk how to get blood out of their clothes.

KKK murder suspects asked Circle K clerk how to get blood out of their clothing.

Natural-gas promoter and oilman T. Boone Pickens says oil prices will be headed back up soon.

Parades and events mark Veterans Day

Shoppers spending less, but still going to Scottsdale Fashion Square mall. Barney’s store coming in a year.

Milwaukee Brewers prospects tour Tent City in latest Arpaio antic.

David Petersen to challenge wild and woolly Steve Berman for Gilbert mayor; other candidates likely in race.

Obama’s administration to be the most “open and transparent in history.” We’ll see.

Religious monument case going before Supreme Court, important free speech issues on the table.

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