Hot Links: Kyl and McCain Want Smaller Stimulus Package; Public Transit Fare Hike "Inevitable"; NFL Says Ref Made Right Call in Warner Fumble

Size matters: Arizona's Republican senators are both pushing for an alternative to Obama's stimulus package. Napolitano called him "Chicken Little" when he made the prediction that the state was going to run out of money, but now State Treasurer Dean Martin is sounding an optimistic note, declaring Arizona's economy will begin to recover in 2010. Like light rail? Be prepared to pay more to ride it this year; bus fare is also likely to rise. A nationwide federal immigrant fugitive program is catching mostly gardeners and maids, a think-tank says. Anna Tovar, the vice-mayor from 'lil old Tolleson, moves to the big top to take the seat of quitter councilman Steve Gallardo. Kurt Warner's fumble call was the right one, says NFL's vice-president of officiating.

McCain and Kyl want smaller stimulus package

State Treasurer predicts 2010 economic recovery

Federal round-up catches "fugitive" immigrants

Light rail and bus fare hike likely

Tovar sworn into state legislature

Fumble call on Warner in Super Bowl correct; NFL says

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