Hot Links: Local Gays Rally Against Prop 102 Vote; Judge Says UOP Discriminated against non-Mormons; Harvard U suffering money problems

By Ray Stern

Gay parade: More than 200 gays and their supporters rally in Phoenix after being targeted by Proposition 102 voters. University of Phoenix is accused of doing too much LDS. Allegations of abuse swirl around tale of 8-year-old who killed two. The Arizona Cardinals shine under the spotlight of “Monday Night Football.” Barack and Michelle Obama meet Bush and tour their new flat. Harvard University is bleeding out its $36.9 billion endowment due to credit crisis – not too smart. Valley fever cases are up and the Phoenix Mars Lander is down for the count.

Gay couples hold rally against same-sex marriage ban

Judge says University of Phoenix discriminated against non-Mormons

8-year-old boy who killed two people appears in court as lawyers plan psych tests

Cardinals beat 49ers

Barack and Michelle Obama visit the White House

Harvard’s $39.6 billion endowment may face losses

Health officials say valley fever cases have tripled in the last decade

Phoenix Mars Lander stops talking to Earth

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