Hot Links: Mark Irby's ATV, McCain's Twitters, and Kangaroo Wrestling

Two days after the mayor of Chandler filled the post of missing Chandler Planning and Zoning Commission member Mark Irby, the Coconino County sheriff's department found his abandoned ATV in a wooded area 12 miles north of his vacation home in Forest Lakes, Arizona. The stalled search for Irby, missing since January 2, has been revived..."Don't drink and play with guns" sounds like common sense, but a Valley man named Alex Acedo, 22, was arrested after accidentally shooting his baby. He'd been drinking and messing around with a firearm, which discharged and hit his seven-month-old infant in the finger. The child is expected to recover...Although he's months behind Shaq, Arizona Senator John McCain has taken to social networking site Twitter. Once criticized for his lack of tech-savvy, McCain has been posting updates on Twitter at, and will participate in an "All-Twitter Interview" with ABC Newsman George Stephanopoulos at 9 a.m. MST today... The Arizona Diamondbacks have trimmed their roster by eight, sending six pitchers and two outfielders to either other teams or minor league camps...An alleged undocumented immigrant, Ivan Hernandez-Olvera, has been found guilty of murdering his ex-girlfriend in Chandler two years ago.  Authorities caught him at the border in Nogales, apparently trying to flee to Mexico, the day after the murder. He faces a potential life sentence...A family in Canberra, Australia found themselves wrestling with a wild kangaroo in the middle of the night. The animal busted through a bedroom window and started jumping on the bed, then ran down the hall to a child's room before the father wrestled the kangaroo to the ground and dragged it out the front door in a headlock, wearing only his shredded skivvies.

Ex-commissioner's ATV found; Search revived

Father in custody after accidentally shooting his 7-month-old

McCain all a-Twitter about Internet messaging
Senator John McCain now "Tweets."
Senator John McCain now "Tweets."

Diamondbacks make roster moves

Man found guilty for killing former girlfriend in Chandler

Ivan Hernandez-Olvera faces a life sentence for murder.
Ivan Hernandez-Olvera faces a life sentence for murder.

Kangaroo causes a ruckus

A hopping mad kangaroo attacked an Aussie family.
A hopping mad kangaroo attacked an Aussie family.
Wikimedia Commons

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