Hot Links: McCain Camp Claims They'll Take Arizona, Phillies Win World Series, Napolitano Stumps for Obama in Ohio, More Miley Cyrus Racy Pics on the Way.

By Stephen Lemons

McCain's people swear he'll take Sand Land. (Anyone else hear that -- the sound of a ship sinking?) Vigil held for fallen Phoenix cop. MCSA protests peacefully at Supervisor Kunasek's office. Photo radar on Valley freeways ready to go. Don't all holler your approval at once. Suns best Spurs in season opener. QB Warner talks contract extension with Cards. Phillies beat Rays in Game 5 to become World Series champs. That McCain worker who did the backwards "B" hoax is released from jail. Nappy stumps for Obama in Ohio as state's economy slides down the toilet. Great work, Guv. Anti-gay marriage wackos look for a win on election day. Queen Creek mother abandons rugrats in emergency room. And Miley Cyrus is scared racy pics will leak out after her 'puter was hacked. Crikey, can't that gal keep her clothes on?

McCain camp says they’ll win in AZ, despite polls.

Candlelight vigil held for fallen Phoenix cop Figueroa.

MCSA holds protest at County Supe Kunasek’s office.

DPS deploys more photo radar on Valley freeways.

Suns whup Spurs, 103-98, in season opener.

Cards, QB Warner discuss contract extension.

Phillies clinch World Series in suspended Game 5.

Backwards “B” McCain worker released for anti-Obama hoax.

Napolitano stumps for Obama in Ohio.

Anti-gay-marriage advocates look for win Tuesday.

Queen Creek mom abandons kids at hospital.

Miley Cyrus fears racy pics will hit the net.

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