Hot Links: McCain Promises to "Whip" Barack's Butt, Tina Fey Blamed for Palin's Probs, and Cards Upset Cowboys in OT.

By Stephen Lemons

McCain claims he'll kick Obama's keister. Tucson Citizen endorses Gabby Giffords over Tim Bee. Bristol Palin's hockey stud baby-daddy gets all Oprah on us. Cards beat Cowboys in overtime. Trojans decimate Sun Devils. Ducks devoured by Coyotes. (What is this, Animal Planet?) Suns eclipsed by Nuggets. South Phoenix's gang war analyzed. Virginia Guv opines on election while in town. Schweikert violated FCC rules, insists Mitchell camp. Lord leads Shadegg in CD3. And a Washington Times poll blames Tina Fey for Sarah Palin's popularity plummet. After all, everyone knows there's nothing funny about Palin.

McCain says he’ll whip Obama’s “you know what.”

Citizen backs Gabby Giffords’ reelection.

Bristol Palin’s baby-daddy spills guts.

Cards dethrone Cowboys, 30-24.

Trojans slaughter Sun Devils, 28-0.

Coyotes devour Ducks, 4-2.

Nuggets sneak by Suns, 77-72, in outdoor game.

De Uriarte details gang war in South Phoenix.

Virginia Governor in Phoenix, opines on election.

Schweikert ad violated FCC rules, claims Mitchell camp.

Bob Lord leads John Shadegg in CD3 by a frog's hair.

Poll blames Fey for Palin popularity plunge.

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