Hot Links: McCain Wants Out of Debate, Palin Witchcraft-Free, David Letterman Blasts McLame.

By Stephen Lemons

First corn vendors, then landscapers, now Sheriff's deputies collar door makers. Real tough guys, those deps. Blows to head killed Phoenix cop, AG investigating. McLame wants out of Friday's debate. Obama says the show must go on. Bishop declares Palin witchcraft-free in video. (Whew, that's a relief.) D-Backs fall to St. Louis, again. Cards' linebacker rips groin muscle. No, not on purpose. Witnesses in O.J. Simpson robbery trial say gun was involved. ASU frat knuckleheads barf milk off bridge, causing two-car collision. Milk? Whatever happened to beer? R-Cubed opines on McLame debate delay. Gabby Giffords says all calls to her office are against the big bailout plan. And David Letterman bops McSame for being a no-show. We're starting to see a pattern here.

Sheriff’s deputies raid Chandler door maker, bust 10 on immigration charges.

Blows to the head killed Phoenix cop at charity match, AG investigating.

Bishop blessed Palin free from witchcraft in creepy video.

McCain wants out of Friday’s debate, Obama says no.

St. Louis slaughters D-Backs, 4-2.

Cards’ linebacker Berry tears groin muscle. (Ouch.)

Witnesses in O.J. trial say gun was in the room.

Shelves bare at Phoenix food pantry.

Congresswoman Giffords says all calls to her office against bailout plan.

ASU frat boys barf milk off bridge, cause crash.

Letterman blasts McCain for flaking on show appearance.

R-Cubed riffs on McCain debate delay.

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