Hot Links: Mesa Mayor Slams Arpaio on Raid, Lobbyist Denies Bumpin' Uglies with McCain, Sarah Palin Appears on SNL this Weekend.

By Stephen Lemons

Mesa Mayor slams Arpaio on City Hall raid. Lady lobbyist denies getting intimate with McCain. (Can you blame her? For denying it, that is.) Rick Renzi's lawyers say the FBI tapped his phone. Electorate offers thumbs down on McCain in new poll. Suns coach Porter puts the emphasis on D. "Phoenix Stan" blasts Shaq for mouthing off about Spurs. McCain hits battleground states, hopes to woo 'em back to his column. (Don't hold your breath, Gramps.) Sand Land gas prices take a dive. Citizen's Denogean predicts wins for Congressional Dems. Palin to play SNL this Saturday. Think she'll imitate Tina Fey? Oh, and that Joe the plumber guy? He's named Sam, and he ain't a plumber.

Mesa Mayor livid at Arpaio for City Hall raid.

Lobbyist denies doing horizontal tango with McCain.

Feds bugged Renzi's phone, lawyers say.

Poll shows electorate down on McCain.

Defense priority for Suns coach Porter.

Phoenix Stan rips Shaq’s “vocal diarrhea.”

McCain campaigns to woo back key states.

MCSO claims jail death video altered, Channel 5 says, "No."

Zona gas prices plunge to ’07 levels.

Citizen’s Denogean forecasts wins for AZ Dems.

Palin to appear on SNL this weekend.

“Joe the plumber” not a Joe, and not a plumber.

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Stephen is a former staff writer and columnist at Phoenix New Times.
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