Hot Links: Michael Phelps' new gold, D-Backs acquire Adam Dunn, Suns dancer tryouts, and why Joe Arpaio's got to go.

By Stephen Lemons

Gold-magnet Michael Phelps scores again. University of Arizona softballers help U.S.A. vanquish Venezuela. Bat-buster Adam Dunn's now a D-Back. Dems unveil Joesgottogo.com. (And boy does he ever.) Study says most obese still healthy. Fat Bastard breathes a sigh of relief. Suns dancers tryouts provide Tuesday eye candy. Sand Land has a beach, and the surf, it ain't up.

Most guns in Mexico from U.S.

Phelps strikes gold again.

Slugger Dunn joins D-Backs.

UA softballers help U.S.A. sink Venezuela.

Board spanks docs.

PHX PD hunts home-invaders.

Dems unveil Joesgottogo.com.

MCSO jails suit starts today.

PolitickerAZ handicaps Congressional races.

Eat your heart out: Most fatties still healthy.

Arizona has a beach?

2008 Suns dancer auditions.

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