Hot Links: Mikelle Biggs Disappearance Unsolved After 10 Years; Easy Meteor Shower Viewing Tomorrow; Border Patrol's Banner Year

It's a parent's ultimate nightmare: A child snatched from the street in mere seconds by an unknown kidnapper, never to be seen or heard from again. Ten years ago in Mesa, it happened to the family of Mikelle Biggs. Forecast for tomorrow morning calls for possible heavy meteor showers. The Border Patrol in Arizona has fewer arrests in 2008. Football woes: Few people are coming for the Fiesta Bowl, and more imminently, not enough people are buying tickets to the upcoming Cardinals' game to prevent an NFL television blackout. A local economics professor lashes out at what he sees as the "looting" of the Treasury for massive corporate bailouts. Gas prices in town are at 2004 levels. Police release the report on the Charles Barkley DUI, turning local news outlets into purveyors of smut. Buried treasure: In a dusty garage in England, relatives of a deceased man find a rare 1930s Bugatti supercar.

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