Hot Links: Nelson Says Thomas Authored Attack Site, Guadalupe a "Ghost Town," Obama Commercial Draws Huge Numbers, McCain on SNL Saturday.

By Stephen Lemons

Thomas behind nasty attack Web site, claims Nelson. Thomas doing something sleazy? Naaaaah. Guadalupe a ghost town thanks to Joe's April anti-Mexican sweep. Maricopa County Republicans ahead of Dems in early ballots cast. "Cookie bandit" collared by Phoenix po-po. Seems they followed the crumbs. Hornets surpass Suns in opener. Coyotes wolf down Penguins. Sun Devils go up against Beavers, Saturday. Obamamercial snags 33.6 million viewers, according to Nielson. No time for Flagstaff teacher who had sex with students. (Emphasis on the plural.) DPS photo radar clicks in at 10 m.p.h. over speed limit, so act accordingly. McCain gives SNL one more go this weekend. And bullet-headed "Joe the Plumber," our 21st century Archie Bunker, hires publicity house, plans to write book. But only if he has enough crayons to complete it.

Thomas authored attack Web site, says Nelson.

Guadalupe a ghost town because of Arpaio’s April sweep.

GOP leads Dems in number of early ballots returned.

“Cookie bandit” collared by Phoenix cops.

Suns stung by Hornets, 108-95, in opener.

Coyotes gobble up Penguins, 4-1.

Sun Devils battle Beavers Saturday.

Obama’s infomercial pulls in 33.6 million.

Probation only for Flagstaff teacher guilty of sex with minors.

Hint: DPS speed cameras kick in at 10mph over limit.

McCain on SNL again this Saturday.

“Joe the Plumber” hires publicity team, plans book.

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