Hot Links: New Campuses, Stabbing Suspects, and Lawsuits

Governor Jan Brewer has dropped plans for a special November 3 election on a temporary sales-tax increase. The earliest possible reschedule date for an election is December 8. The Senate is still trying to get enough votes to send a budget package to Brewer...University of Phoenix has opened a 21,500 square-foot campus in Chandler. The new facility can accomodate as many as 20 employees and 1000 students, and includes a laptop bar...A Peoria horse trainer has been arrested and charged with sexual abuse of a 14 year-old girl. Ralph Lawrence Carr, 63, was taken into custody after the parents of the girl say he fondled her breasts. While investigating, police uncovered another allegation of abuse against Carr from a 12 year-old girl in 2006...Police are searching for a suspect who stabbed a Glendale police officer as many as three times early this morning. The officer had approached a suspicious-looking man in a park, and the man started punching and stabbing him. The officer's vest deflected the first two knife blows, but the third hit the officer in the arm. He's been released from the hospital. The suspect is described as a heavy-set Hispanic man...A Phoenix Fire Department Captain remains in critical condition after a multiple-vehicle crash along Interstate 17 Monday night. Captain Crystal Rezzonico, 49, was among those injured in the 11-car collision, and has undergone surgery for a serious head injury...Several Maricopa County Detention Officers have filed a federal lawsuit, asking for $8 million in back pay for overtime. The officers claim they were required to attend briefings before work days and were not paid for them. Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the MCSO refused to comment on the lawsuit.

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