Hot Links: No Third Trial for Agent Accused of Killing Migrant; McCain Bleeping Funny on Letterman; Local Cops Bust Cartel Arms Suppliers

Whatever happened out there in the desert, the case is closed for a Border Patrol agent accused of shooting an illegal immigrant in cold blood. The agent, who says he was attacked with a rock, won't face another trial for the alleged crime. John McCain's political future may be in doubt, but maybe he can parlay his comedy show experience into a full-time act. Cops swoop in on homes in Mesa and Gilbert and bust suspected gun suppliers. The weapons were going south-of-the-border to arm smuggling cartels for the bloody drug wars we've been reading about lately, cops say. An 81-year-old Pinal County man blows away his 80-year-old wife. Economy: Auto maker bailout fails, Bank of America will cut up to 35,000 jobs, Arpaio will begin charging inmates for food. Sign of the times in Scottsdale: Transients who started a fire to keep warm may have torched a vacant apartment complex.


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