Hot Links: NY Times and Montini Slam Arpaio, Colin Powell Endorses Obama, Mr. Blackwell Croaks, and Sarah Palin's Stripper Clones.

By Stephen Lemons

NY Times, Montini, and the Rep's editorial board pile on Arpaio. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Saban dukes it out with Joe for headlines. Obama backed by Colin Powell on Meet the Press. So-called "Joe the Plumber" owes Mesa moolah, had his AZ driver's license suspended. California's Golden Bears eaten alive by Arizona Wildcats. Nuggets squeak by Suns in preseason. Coyotes get mauled by Montreal. Phillies-Rays World Series starts Wednesday. Fashion guru and red carpet-terror Mr. Blackwell shuffles off his mortal coil. (That means he's dead, ya dopes.) And only in Vegas: A stripper contest for Sarah Palin look-alikes. They work the poles, while the real Palin works the, um, polls.

Rep’s Montini slams Arpaio over jailhouse murder.

NY Times blasts Joe for Mesa library raid.

Rep’s Sunday editorial does same.

Saban, Arpaio scrap for headlines.

Colin Powell endorses Obama on Meet the Press.

“Joe the Plumber” owes Mesa over $700, AZ license suspended.

Arizona Wildcats ravage Golden Bears, 42-27.

Nuggets surpass Suns, 94-91.

Montreal massacres Coyotes, 4-1.

Tampa Bay Rays, Phillies to battle in World Series.

Fashion czar Mr. Blackwell croaks.

Palin inspires stripper look-alike contest.

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