Hot Links: Obama at Dobson High School, Richardson Suspended, Flight Crew Busted

President Obama will give his speech on economic woes at Dobson High School tomorrow, reportedly because he wants to see an area hit hard by home foreclosures, and for its easy access to the US 60 freeway and Sky Harbor Airport. Never hurts to have a quick getaway route, we guess...Speaking of quick getaways, Suns player Jason Richardson was pulled over on Sunday for allegedly doing 90 mph in a 35 mph zone, with his three year-old son unrestrained in the back seat. He's been suspended by the Suns, without pay, for tonight's home game against the Clippers...Despite evidence that the mysterious "Phoenix Lights" that appeared in skies over the Valley in 1997 were flares and A10 warplanes, some people still believe there's something unexplained about the incident and keep releasing the same, tiresome documentary year after year. Worst of all, the media keeps falling for it...Sixteen  illegal immigrants were found in a cabinet warehouse near 35th Avenue and Osborn, where police say they were being held for ransom by smugglers...This gives new meaning to the phrase "flying high": UK Border Agency officers arrested crew members from South African Airways after finding 5 kilograms of cocaine in a bag on a flight from Johannesburg...A Peoria woman died Sunday from injuries sustained in a February 11 stabbing. The suspect, Gettus "Leroy" Mintz, has now been charged with murder.

Obama to see E.V. foreclosures up close

Richardson suspended 1 game after charge

(Scottsdale Police Department)

New 'Phoenix Lights' documentary to debut in March

The Phoenix Lights: Helium balloons with flares, or something more alien?

16 Illegals Found at Cabinet Warehouse

Airline Flight Crew Arrested Over Cocaine in Baggage

This is an airplane: You can NOT put your weed in there.

Victim of stabbing incident dies

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