Hot Links: Obama Chooses Montelucia, Coyotes Reportedly for Sale, and a Monkey Mauling

President Obama has arrived in the Valley, and he's cooling his heels at the new Montelucia Resort & Spa in Paradise Valley. The resort is a change from the Biltmore, which has traditionally been politicos' resort of choice (except for George W. Bush, who always preferred the Royal Palms)...This spring, state lawmakers will consider a temporary hike in Arizona sales tax. Governor Jan Brewer's considering the increase as one of many ways to deal with the state's possible $2.4 billion deficit this year, but legislators are wary...Numerous news outlets, including and Bleacher Report, are reporting that offers have been made to buy the struggling Phoenix Coyotes, but so far, nobody's reporting who the mystery suitors are...Phoenix police are looking for Adrian Cruz, a convicted sex offender who escaped from his holding cell yesterday while awaiting a hearing at the Regional Court Center downtown...What is this monkey business? A Connecticut woman whose pet chimpanzee mauled and hospitalized a friend says the attack was out of character for her pet, and that she tried to defend her friend by stabbing the raging chimp with a butcher knife and clubbing it with a shovel...PETA approaches U.S. Airways and asks to buy ads for overhead bins criticizing the caging of pet birds, and the airline says no.

Legislators cautious on temporary tax hike

President Obama bucks Biltmore tradition by checking in to Montelucia

Offer made to buy financially troubled Coyotes

Still loose: Violent inmate escapes from courtroom holding cell

Chimp's owner calls vicious mauling 'freak thing'

U.S. Airways declines PETA offer for caged bird protest ads

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