Hot Links: Obama Gets to Work and Receives Challenge From Russia, Local Election Officials Still Counting Votes, Massachusetts Voters Decriminalize Pot

By Ray Stern

It’s a work day for Barack Obama. The president-elect gets busy building his transition team today. And he faces his first international problem: Russia announces it’s putting a new missile system near Poland. The economy will also be on Obama’s mind, with news that worker productivity fell sharply. Voter turnout in Arizona failed to meet expectations – maybe that’s why so many local Democrats seem disappointed with Tuesday’s results. Election officials are counting votes furiously with several races too close to call, including an important seat on the five-member Arizona Corporation Commission that may go to either name-changer Sam George or his Republican opponent, Bob Stump. The Phoenix Suns picked up steam last night thanks to Amare Stoudemire’s unstoppable scoring binge. Massachusetts voters decriminalize pot, forcing law officials who wanted the new statute defeated to start preparing for the party. Coffee, tea – or duct tape? A drunk woman slaps a fight attendant’s butt and pulls a blind passenger’s hair, and the jumbo jet’s crew members tie her down with tape.

Obama to begin building transition team today

Russia challenges Obama with new missile plan

Economic woes: Worker productivity down, labor costs up

Voter turnout less than expected in Arizona

Uncounted ballots leave tight races in air.

Stoudemire’s Amazing Night

Officials freaking out after voters decriminalize marijuana in Massachusetts

Airline crew duct-tape unruly woman to seat

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