Hot Links: Obama-McCain Square Off Once More, O'Neal Ticked by Hack-a-Shaq, Madonna and Guy Ritchie Split.

By Stephen Lemons

Phoenix in the red to the tune of nearly $250M. U.S. deficit is $455 billion. And you thought your credit card bill was bad. Last Obama-McCain debate tonight. Rep reports on MCSA's crusade against Sheriff Joe and the Board of Supes. Dems claim Sand Land Republicans are hiding their dirty ad donors. WWII vet pissed his pic used in Shadegg commercial. News Flash: O'Neal annoyed by Hack-a-Shaq. (So learn to sink free throws, G.) Cards' Sean Morey nabs a player of the week award. Bottled H2O vs. tap? Neither is pure, according to analysts. Madonna and Guy Ritchie part ways. Guess he's no longer "Mr. Madonna." And all that drinky will make your brain shrinky, study says. Sheesh, no wonder we can't spell.

Phoenix budget shortfall close to $250 million.

U.S. deficit a whopping $455 billion.

Final Obama-McCain debate tonight.

Rep details MCSA’s crusade against Sheriff Joe.

Serial shooter witness claims cops blew him off.

Dems allege AZ GOP keeping dirty-ad donors secret.

WWII vet pissed Shadegg used his pic.

O’Neal kvetches about Hack-a-Shaq to KTAR.

Cards' Sean Morey garners player of the week award.

Bottled H2O no cleaner than tap.

Madonna, Guy Ritchie go splitsville.

Drink, and your brain will shrink, study says.

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