Hot Links: Obama Reaches Out to Muslims on Arab TV; Brewer Hires Budget Director; Mobster Paul Schiro Sentenced

Obama goes on Arabic TV with a message to Muslims, calling Al-Qaeda's ideas "bankrupt," and later sending his special envoy, George Mitchell, to the Middle East for a "listening tour." Eternal peace can't be far behind. Jan Brewer's new budget director -- she's more than just a pair of scissors. In the movie Goodfellas, Paulie says he doesn't want to "get fucked like Gribbs ... 70 years old and the fuckin' guy's gonna die in prison." But as with Paul Vario, the real mobster on which the character Paulie was based, so goes the story of mobster and former Phoenix resident Paul Schiro, 71, who was just sentenced to 20 years in prison. Shaq comes on strong as the Suns beat the Washington Wizards. A pair of bad-economy stories. The Cards' 2009 home schedule is released, promising extra exposure for the team on ESPN and NBC this year.


Obama tells Muslims "Americans are not your enemy"

Obama sends special envoy to the Middle East

Governor Brewer hires new budget director

Former Phoenix resident Paul Schiro sentenced in Chicago mob trial

Shaq leads Suns to victory over Washington Wizards

Corning to lay off 3,500

Scottsdale-based El Paso Grill files for bankruptcy

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