Hot Links: Obama’s Historic Victory

By Ray Stern

Barack Obama captures more than 50 percent of the vote to become America’s first black president. Screw the History Channel - we’ve got history being made before our eyes. New York Times reports on the brilliant campaigning and strokes of good luck that led to the victory. A bad economy and the link to President Bush killed it for McCain, says one analysis. In Arizona, Democrats outnumbered Republicans in the state’s delegation to the U.S. House of Representatives for the first time since 1966. Joe Arpaio wins a fifth term as Maricopa County Sheriff in sweep by county incumbents. County election officials were still counting on Wednesday morning. Jim Lane has a narrow lead on Scottsdale Mayor Mary Manross in close race. The second trial of a Border Patrol agent accused of killing an illegal border crosser ends in a mistrial in Tucson. Local cops bust a Russian crime ring.

Obama Makes History

Near-Flawless Run is Credited in Victory

Reuters Analysis: Why McCain Lost

Kirkpatrick scores many firsts

Arpaio and other Maricopa County leaders retain seats

Vote-counting Still Not Done

Lane leads Manross in Scottsdale Mayoral Race

Agent’s retrial ends in mistrial

Russian crime ring busted

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