Hot Links: Obama's AZ Visit, the Taylor Fire, and a Dozen Babies

Six pilots violated air space restrictions during President Obama's visit to Arizona on Sunday, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. The FAA restricted air space within a 30-mile radius of Sky Harbor, allowing only scheduled airline flights and emergency aircraft. The pilots who violated the restrictions could be penalized with anything from a warning to a revocation of their licenses. Meanwhile, President Obama is scheduled to address the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Arizona at their annual convention to discuss the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan...A 20 year-old Austrian citizen went missing at the Grand Canyon during Obama's visit. Authorities say Klaus Lauterbach disappeared on Friday. They announced Sunday that park rangers had looked for him, but were not sure if Lauterbach was still in the Grand Canyon or had gone somewhere else...A wildfire in the Coconino National Forest southwest of Flagstaff has grown to 650 acres. Known as the "Taylor Fire," the blaze started Sunday morning and is burning near Sycamore Canyon and Turkey Butte. A forest spokesman says no injuries have been reported and no structures are threatened...Former Apache County Sheriff Brian Hounshell, who pleaded guilty in 2007 to public corruption charges, has been hired as an investigator for the county prosecutor. Apache County Attorney Michael Whiting said Hounshell was "the best man for the job"...Not about to let "Octo-Mom" Nadya Suleman be the last miracle of multiple egg fertilizations, a woman in Tunisia says she's pregnant with 12 babies. British fertility experts confirmed such a pregnancy was possible, but carried "colossal" risks. Tunisian officials say they will offer various forms of assistance to the woman and her family.

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