Hot Links: Officials Plan to Pit Former County Attorney Vs. County Attorney; Mesa Police Union Prez Investigated for Gun Mishap; Tips Down Locally for Wait Staff

The county power struggle continues as Maricopa County Supervisors announce plans to retain former County Attorney Rick Romley as a bulwark against current County Attorney Andrew Thomas. Which side are you rooting for? Fabian Cota, head of the Mesa police union, is under investigation for what you might call a police senior moment: He's accused of leaving his gun unattended at a City Council meeting. The tragic Darwin Award contender who accidently killed himself by running his bicycle into a parked utility truck was a local lawyer and father of four. Got a tip? Local bartenders and wait staff need it more than ever. That raspy sound is your lungs struggling to breathe the Valley's air -- officially deemed crappy by the EPA. 


County Supervisors plan to hire Rick Romley in legal battle with county attorney


Mesa police union president being investigated for leaving gun unattended

 Bicyclist who died after running into parked utility truck was local lawyer, father 



Tips down locally for bartenders and wait staff\

Arizona among states failing EPA standards for air pollution





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