Hot Links: Parents Remove Kids From School in Kidnapping-Plagued Juarez; Light Rail 11 p.m. Closing Irks People; Gunfight at Chandler Diamond Shop

The Mexican government can't figure out how to stop thugs from killing and kidnapping citizens. No wonder so many people want to flee the country. Still, there's no competing with the cycle of violence in the Middle East where Israel is threatening a large strike against the Hamas-rule Gaza Strip. Closer to home, we're worried about parking meters that cost too much and light rail that shuts down a few hours after dinner. Be happy if you're at work or home right now -- you could be one of the thousands of people stuck at the airport because of bad weather around the country. Scottsdale Hannukah lovers lit 250 candles on menorahs in what they say was a world record simultaneous lighting. In Chandler, two local criminals pick the wrong family jewelry store to rob. Darwin award in Ahwahtukee: A bicyclist dies after smashing into a parked utility truck.


Students abandon schools in Mexico as violence persists


 Nine decapitated bodies found in southern Mexico


Israel threatens major offensive against Gaza Strip



Drinkers and bar owners decry 11 p.m. light rail closing time


Parking meter fees in Phoenix to double


Many airline passengers stranded at Sky Harbor due to canceled flights





Scottsdale temple aims for record-breaking Hannukah candle-lighting

Jewelry store owner blows away robber, takes bullet in face

Bicyclist dies after hitting parked truck

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