Hot Links: Phil Gordon recall sigs due, Joe Arpaio arrests landscapers (ignores criminals), Lush gals get nekkid, LPGA's English-only rule slammed, plus Kanye West, Jamie Foxx, and Bono.

By Stephen Lemons

Recall sigs against Mayor Phil due in today. Expect that recall to go down like a Van Buren hooker. Arpaio arrests everyone at Valley landscaping biz, including citizen, legal workers. Hey, who needs civil rights, it's only America? Lush girls get nekkid in Scottsdale to get us to go green. Sorry we missed that. Feds to ERs: Let the undocumented die. Trib sports columnist rips dumb LPGA English-only rule. Good for him. San Diego sweeps D-Backs. Damn those Padres! Cards to start Warner against Broncos. Don't cry, Matt! Arctic sea ice reveals global warming tipping point. R-Cubed blogs live from the Dem convention. And the Luis Vuitton Don Kanye West and Jamie Foxx serenade Dems at Bono party. Doods, where was our invite?

Mayor Phil recall sigs to be turned in today.

MCSO arrests all employees at landscaping business, asks questions later.

Feds will no longer pick up ER tab for undocumented.

Lush girls get nekkid to push pro-green product.

Rep defends Dowling against Arpaio’s abuses.

Padres do in D-Backs, 5-4.

Cards start Warner Friday against Broncos.

Trib’s Huffman slams LPGA’s English-only rule.

New Orleans residents may flee Gustav storm.

Arctic sea ice reveals global warming “tipping point,” scientists say.

R-Cubed blogs live from Dem convention floor.

Kanye West, Jamie Foxx serenade Bono’s shindig at Dem convention.

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