Hot Links: Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon Gets Red-Light Ticket; Stephenie Meyer Hottest Local Celebrity; Janet Napolitano to be "Moderate" on Immigration

That maniac you saw a running a red light might have been Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon. In a public confession, Gordon admits he ran a red light at the corner of 7th Street and Northern recently, netting him a photo enforcement ticket. Talk about transparency in government. Other news highlights: Stephenie Meyer, the local author who was profiled by New Times last year, blossoms into one of the Phoenix area's biggest celebrities ever. The Repub says Janet Napolitano will be "moderate" on immigration as Homeland Security chief — meaning she won't do much for any side of the debate. Same ol'. In the "that's a lot of time for the crime" category, a hooligan from Goodyear faces a 16-year sentence for causing a blackout that affected about 5,000 local residents. Wanted: The latest pervert fondling women on the the streets of Phoenix. Speaking of pervs, another former Phoenix priest (this one deceased) is labeled a child molester by a man filing a lawsuit against the Detroit Diocese. And the bad economy story of the day: Mesa prepares to lay off nearly 400 employees as it faces monetary needs of $62 million.

Mayor Phil Gordon gets a red-light camera ticket

Local author a star as Twilight movie comes out

Arizona Republic says Janet Napolitano would be “moderate” on immigration issues as Homeland Security chief

Avondale man faces 16 years in prison for causing blackout that affected 5,000 in Goodyear

West Phoenix fondler attacks eight women

Former altar boy files suit against Detroit Archdiocese, claims an Arizona priest — now deceased — molested him

City of Mesa prepares to lay off nearly 400, deal with $62 million budget shortfallRay Stern

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