Hot Links: Phoenix Mercury, Native Remains, and Anna Nicole Smith

In a sports team precedent, the WNBA's Phoenix Mercury accepted a sponsorship deal with identity-theft-protection company LifeLock. According to reports, the word "LifeLock" will replace "Mercury" and "Phoenix" on the team's jerseys...Another alleged UFO over Valley skies has been explained as something entirely terrestrial. The FAA began receiving reports of a strange object in the skies on Thursday morning. That object has now been identified as a balloon-like communications unit owned by a company called Space Data Corp....The Tohono O'odham nation will begin reburying the remains of almost 200 of their ancestors, which were dug up by archaeologists in the 70s and 80s. The nation fears the remains of more ancestors may be disturbed again if Rosemont Copper is given permission to dig a mine in the foothills of the Santa Rita Mountains...Arizona utility company SRP projects it will lose about $25 million this fiscal year, which could result in rate hikes. The matter will go to a vote in October, and if hikes are approved, they would go into effect in November...New rules governing travel from the U.S. to Mexico and Canada go into effect today: travelers from the United States are required to have passports or special driver's licenses to re-enter the country. Formerly, U.S. residents traveling to Mexico or Canada only needed a standard driver's license and oral declaration of citizenship...A blogger in Houston has been jailed after the mother of Anna Nicole Smith filed a defamation suit. The suit alleges that Lyndal Harrington was spreading falsehoods about Smith being abused as a child. She was jailed for failing to turn over her computer to authorities after they obtained a court order. Harrington says she did not realize she could be held liable for blog posts.

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