Hot Links: Phoenix PD, I-10 Commutes, and an E-Mail Scam

Phoenix police officers continue to work, despite imminent layoffs. This week, Phoenix will eliminate some officers' jobs, in an attempt to balance the city's $245-million deficit. Phoenix PD already cut about seven percent of its positions last year...The Gilbert Unified School District is considering cutting students' elementary music time. Under a proposed new elective pilot program, students would attend music classes twice a week for 40 minutes. Currently, students attend music classes for 45 minutes on four days...Interstate 10 in the West Valley has one of the worst commutes in the nation, according to a list complied by "The Daily Beast." The list names I-10 as the 29th-worst stretch of highway for bottleneck congestion, with more than 100 hours of jam-ups on the highway weekly...Two Phoenix firefighters fell through a roof while battling a house fire Monday night. The blaze allegedly began as a domestic dispute between a teenage son and his parents. According to police, the teen followed his family out of the house after setting it on fire. The firefighters were uninjured, and the teen is expected to be charged with several offenses, including arson...

After pursuing a suspected bank robber, Tempe police found a "suspicious device" in his car. A bomb squad determined that the device was harmless; the suspect was arrested and the bank money returned...U.S. Postal Inspector Patricia Armstrong is warning Valley residents about an e-mail scam. The e-mails claim to be from the U.S. Postal Service and inform recipients that a package was intercepted from another courier for containing potentially illegal items. The e-mail asks recipients to pay $99 for an affidavit to see the package. Armstrong says the USPS would never send such an e-mail.

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