Hot Links: Rail Bathrooms, Bomb Threats, and Suns Stomped

After its one-year anniversary, Metro Light Rail has opened bathrooms at the light-rail stop in Mesa. The $153,000 restrooms opened December 17 at the stop near Sycamore and Main Street, and are the only bathrooms available at any light-rail stop...A man who died in a motorcycle wreck early Sunday wasn't found until 10 hours after the accident. The motorcycle was found on an off-ramp, but the driver's body wasn't discovered until a homeless person found him near railroad tracks, 25 feet from the roadway. Police say they didn't look for the body because they weren't sure there was a body to look for...A teenage girl accidentally ran over and killed her brother as the two played in a shopping mall parking lot. According to police, the girl dropped her 17 year-old brother off at Superstition Springs Mall on Saturday, and the two began playing a game where he repeatedly jumped in front of the car and she slammed on the brakes. The last time, she was unable to stop and ran him over. He was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead...

Police conducted a room-by-room search of Maryvale Hospital on Sunday, after a bomb threat. No evacuation was ordered, and nothing suspicious was found...Rescue teams recovered a climber at Papago Park on Saturday afternoon, after he fell between 20 and 25 feet. The victim, a 20 year-old man, was transported to a Scottsdale hospital with a broken leg...After dominating the undermanned Boston Celtics on Wednesday night, the Suns got blown out by 25 points on Saturday night at US Airways Center, as the Memphis Grizzlies pounded their way to a 128-103 victory. Marc Gasol scored 19 points for the Grizzlies, while Amar'e Stoudemire led the Suns with 29 points. The Suns now head to Sacramento to face the Kings on Tuesday.   


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