Hot Links: Rebates, Fred Montaldo, and Greyhound Bomb Scare

Arizona has officially launched a rebate program to help residents replace older appliances with more energy-efficient models. Starting today, after purchasing an energy-saving appliance, Arizona residents can ask for a piece of the $6.2 million in federal funds allotted for rebates. Arizona is the latest to take advantage of federal rebate offers, and residents can reserve rebates at South Mountain police sergeant, fired earlier this year for using racial slurs, was paid more than $71,000 in leave while he was investigated. Sergeant Fred Montaldo was probed for 10 months, and eventually an $86,000 settlement was reached with an Asian-American officer who complained he was harassed and threatened by Montaldo. Montaldo is appealing his termination...A Northern Arizona University student was found dead in his dorm room early Sunday. The student was identified as Todd Bentley Beauchat, 19, and the university does not suspect foul play in his death. The Coconino County medical examiner will conduct an autopsy...

A huge fire in Surprise destroyed a playground near 175th Avenue and Paradise Lane. Firefighters stopped the blaze from spreading, but the playground was destroyed. Damage is estimated at $50,000. No injuries were reported, and the fire department is investigating the cause of the fire...An airplane crash-landed at the airport in Show Low over the weekend.  After reporting landing-gear problems, the pilot set he plane down on its belly. The pilot had his 7-year-old son on board, but no one was injured...A man accused of threatening to blow up a Greyhound bus on the Interstate 10 was taken into custody. Aaron L'Hoir, 47, was subdued by other Greyhound passengers Saturday evening after making threats on a ride to Phoenix. He was arrested by a highway patrol officer at a stop along the freeway. An explosives team searched the bus but found no bombs on board.

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