Hot Links: Role Model Barkley, Gun Seller Iknadosian, and Gigolo Sgarbi

He didn't work a runway in pink underwear, but Sheriff Joe Arpaio still calls Charles Barkley a "model inmate" after the former Suns star talked to 200 teenage inmates on Saturday in Tent City, where he served three days for a DUI...Andrew Segal, 19, a student at U of A, was found dead at the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity house on Friday. His cause of death is still unknown...Valley businessman George Iknadosian is accused of selling more than 700 firearms to Mexican drug syndicates. His trial (and that of his nine co-defendants) begins today...A Phoenix teacher and a respiratory therapist were arrested Saturday along Interstate 10, where police discovered 14 pounds of hydroponic marijuana in their car. The couple had been pulled over for improperly displaying their license plate...The warehouse at the corner of Central Avenue and Lincoln Street in downtown Phoenix will become a farmer's market and retail store called The Duce this year. The new business, slated to open in October, is expected to create numerous  jobs...and a Swiss playboy named Helg Sgarbi, known to his lovers by the more amorous-sounding moniker "James Bond," admits to seducing and blackmailing super-rich women, including BMW heiress Susanne Klatten. He's been sentenced to six years in jail, where he can hone his seductions skills in a whole new way.

Barkley finally a role model, though it's in jail

Frat member found dead at U of A; Police investigating

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