Hot Links: Ron Sterr, 620 Sportsline, and Another CAP Lawsuit

Ron Sterr, the principal of Litchfield Elementary School who sent a "joke" letter to teachers berating students' intelligence, has been demoted. The school board voted 4-1 to have Sterr demoted to assistant principal at another school. The majority of parents who spoke at the board meeting Tuesday reportedly expressed support for Sterr, saying the letter was "tongue-in-cheek"...The 620 Sportsline, one of the longest-running sports radio shows in the state, aired its final broadcast Tuesday night. Special guests, including Al McCoy and Pat McMahon, contributed to the final show. The show, which aired for more than 30 years on KTAR, will be replaced by the daily best-of program called Big Ones...The Central Arizona Project Canal board is suing the state again, claiming legislators are trying to take water funds they have no claim to. In January, 2009, legislators took $12.6 million from the Arizona Water Banking Fund to help balance the state budget, and they took another $5.4 million last July.

The CAP canal board took their case to court last fall, but lost. The board's latest suit argues that the money from the Arizona Water Banking Fund doesn't come from taxpayers and is therefore not subject to legislative appropriation...A dead body was found along Interstate 17 near Northern Avenue early this morning. When police officers responded to a 911 call, they found the body of a man in the street, with a gunshot to the head. Police discovered shell casings in the area, but had few other leads... A man identified by the Department of Public Safety as Doug Edward Marcus, 36, was killed on I-10 near the 7th street on-ramp yesterday, after he was hit by a semi-truck. Police say he walked into traffic, and they consider the accident a suicide. Traffic on the eastbound I-10 was restricted for several hours while investigators worked the scene...A Peoria man accused of murdering his wife and molesting a young boy has been arrested in Mexico and returned to the United States. Douglas Dishon and his wife fled the Valley in 2005 while he awaited trial in the molestation case. Mexican authorities arrested Dishon in the murder of his wife, whom he reportedly buried under their Mexico home. The Peoria Police Department extradited Dishon to Arizona, where he's being held at the Fourth Avenue Jail with no bond.  

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