Hot Links: Sarah Palin's pregnant kid, Steve Berman's latest gaffe, Matt Leinart pissed at not starting, and more.

By Stephen Lemons

Sarah Palin's kid is preggers, and the GOP's in a tizzy. On the hypocrisy beat, Grampa McCain fought dolo for pregnant teens. Reps replace Rudy Giuliani with snooze-inducers Joe Lieberman and Fred Thompson. PoliticoMafioso blog reports on racist, anti-Tony Bouie vandalism. Gannett slashes Republic newsroom, again. Matt Leinart's pissed at not being Cards' starter. So play harder, fool. D-Backs come from behind for win over St. Louis. Gilbert Mayor Steve Berman apologizes for leniency letter to judge. Mexicans send less money home because there's less to send home.

Sarah Palin’s pregnant kid befuddles GOPers.

Old Man McCain opposed money for teen pregnancy prevention.

Republicans replace Giuliani with Thompson, Lieberman.

PoliticoMafioso reports on racist, anti-Tony Bouie vandalism.

Laurie Roberts decries MCSO abuse of power in immigration raid.

A reminder: Indies can vote in primary today.

Forty percent of early primary ballots already in.

Gannett slashes 27 from Republic’s newsroom.

Leinart annoyed at not being Cards’ starter.

D-Backs stifle St. Louis, 8-6.

Steve Berman all apologies over letter for DUI killer.

Sharp decline for money sent home by Mexicans.

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