Hot Links: Schnepf Farms Rocks, Kendrick Sounds Off, and Paper Sues Punks

There's a plea deal set for today in the case of the 9-year-old St. Johns, Arizona boy accused of killing his father and another man on November 5, 2008...A town council decides that Schnepf Farms in Queen Creek gets to rock on, as they approve a permit for the farm that allows it to host 12 days of concerts for up to 15,000 people...Phoenix economists warn that another big spike in gas prices could be a big thorn in the economy's side, especially in the Valley, where the average price per gallon is currently three cents higher than the national average...Ken Kendrick, top executive for the Arizona Diamondbacks, tells the Associated Press he thinks all steroid-using players should be identified to the public, and that his son thinks Alex Rodriguez "is stupid"...It's raining lead! Or iron, or...something. A piece of metal plummets through the roof of a New Jersey business, and the FAA  is trying to figure out where the heck it came from after determining it's not shrapnel from a plane...and The Arizona Daily Star sues a Tucson punk rock band for using a staff photographer's photo of slain police officer Erik Hite for its album cover.

9-year-old Arizona boy's case set for plea deal

Council OKs 12 concerts at Schnepf Farms

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