Hot Links: Spy-Cams, Animal Cruelty, and Boob Bandits

Smile, you're on hidden spy-cam: An anti-abortion group called Live Action is criticizing Planned Parenthood's legal duties to report sexual abuse of minors, after an adult woman posed as a 15 year-old girl at a Planned Parenthood location in Phoenix and said she was pregnant by an older man. The woman used a hidden camera to record her conversations with clinicians, who assured her everything was confidential...After a county-wide sweep for 30 people wanted on animal cruelty warrants, officers from the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office arrested six people on charges of animal cruelty. The suspects, whose last names are Valenzuela, Tellez, Perez, Munoz, Lechuga, and Salinas, were booked Monday night...Valley Metro started construction on Monday for the Superstition Springs Transit Center, which will provide bus service for commuters who want to go further east in Mesa than the light rail stop at Sycamore and Main Street...A judge dismissed an injunction of harassment filed against Gilbert Mayor Steve Berman, saying the woman who filed the injunction didn't "come even close" to proving that Berman was harassing her...After being notified by school officials, police are investigating an alleged sexual assault of a female first-grader by a male sixth-grader in Surprise. At this time, police aren't sharing any other details of the alleged assault, which was said to have occurred on a Dysart School District bus...Thanks for the mammaries: A California woman faces criminal charges after police determined she'd used a fraudulent identity to purchase breast implants, then disappeared after the procedure. What a boob.

Spy-cam flap: Activists vs. Planned Parenthood

Maricopa County deputies arrest six for animal cruelty

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