Hot Links: State Lawmakers Reach Budget Deal; Search for Chandler Man Reveals No Clues on Disappearance; US Airways Posts Big Losses

With one hand ready to catch a predicted windfall of federal cash and the other wielding a budgetary chain saw, Governor Jan Brewer prepares to stamp her approval on a new budget that wipes out the state's $1.6 billion deficit. The search is basically over for a Chandler Planning and Zoning Commission member who went missing near his Northern Arizona vacation home -- there's no sign of him or his four-wheeled off-road vehicle. Losing an airplane in the Hudson River was a cakewalk compared to dealing with a $541 million loss in the last quarter for Tempe-based US Airways. PETA was busy busting the chops of local folks yesterday, announcing a planned "human barbecue" that will take place today at noon, and slamming Tempe-based LifeLock for sponsoring the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. The Arizona Cardinals can play a mean game of football this year, but they can't spell worth a damn.

Brewer and lawmakers reach deal to erase state deficit


Search scales down for missing Chandler commission member


US Airways loses $541 million in last quarter


PETA wants LifeLock to withdraw ads from popular dog show


Cardinals screw up spelling on Glendale mayor's hononary jersey





Man with car problems gets shot after pulling vehicle over on Loop 202


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