Hot Links: Supes May Do Over Votes, Hispanics Heart Obama, Palin's Hubby Stonewalls Probe, Anti-Scientologists Picket Katie Holmes.

By Stephen Lemons

Hispanics heart Obamarama, as well they should. Most folks would rather watch football with Obama instead of Old Man McCain any day. (Think McCain dozes during halftime?) Palin's studly hubby Todd stonewalls Alaska legislature's Troopergate probe. County Supes may do over votes after public lockout and open meetings violation. Preachers pray for gay-marriage ban at Biltmore. Schools head Sandra Dowling to sue Supes, Sheriff Joe. (You go, girl.) AZ unemployment up. Nativio debates Nazi-hugger Pearce. New cage fighting rules may cause more injuries. (But isn't that the point?) D-Backs flatten Giants, 3-2. And anti-Scientology peeps protest Katie Holmes. Hey, she can't help it if Tom made her join.

Supes may redo votes after locking out public.

Palin’s hubby stonewalls Troopergate probe.

Half of all Hispanics prefer Dems, majority dig Obama.

Over 800 preachers rally at Biltmore for anti-gay marriage prop.

Pearce, Nativio square off in LD18 debate.

Dowling to sue County Supes, Sheriff Joe.

D-Backs clobber Giants, 3-2.

Preview of Georgia Bulldogs at ASU.

Arizona unemployment jumps to 5.6 percent in August.

New cage fighting law could lead to more injuries, deaths.

Obama better football pal, poll says.

Anti-Scientology activists protest Katie Holmes.

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