Hot Links: Terry Goddard, the NRA, and Julio Cesar Chavez

Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard's home in downtown Phoenix caught fire about 5 a.m. Tuesday morning. No one was injured and the home was not damaged, but the garage burned. Investigators are trying to uncover the cause of the fire...Officials for the Phoenix Convention Center have asked the state to temporarily suspend part of its liquor license so the venue can host a convention for the National Rifle Association next week. In Arizona, people can't carry firearms where alcohol is being served...Six-time World Boxing Champion Julio Cesar Chavez was in the Valley Monday, to promote an energy drink named after him and a new restaurant. Chavez, who lives in Mexico, says he'd like to establish a second home in Phoenix or Mesa...A Maricopa County deputy hit a teenager while the teen was riding his bike in Surprise. The 13 year-old suffered minor injuries, and police say no charges are pending at this time...Ernest Calderon, the new president of the Arizona Board of Regents, is calling for a 4th state university. Calderon says the new university would be more affordable because it would lack a football team, marching band, and research programs...The city of Las Vegas spent more than $77,000 on a full-page ad in USA Today, poking fun at Vice President Joe Biden's recent comment that he "wouldn't go anywhere confined" because of the swine flu. The ad reads, "Mr. Vice President, if you had said it here, no one would have known."

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