Hot Links: The Grand Canyon, Dust, and a Missing Testicle

The American Lung Association put Phoenix at the top of its list of U.S. cities with the worst year-round dust pollution. Phoenix may rank first when it comes to dust, but officials feel the numbers may have been effected by readings from a lone air-monitoring station in Pinal County, where pollution readings spiked so high that they skewed the average for the entire two-county metropolitan area...The main roadway leading to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon is set to reopen on May 15 for the summer season. Arizona State Route 67 leading to the North Rim was closed for the winter in late November. The road is scheduled to close again on October 15...

A jury cleared a Tucson doctor in a malpractice suit filed by a man who claimed one of his testicles was mistakenly removed. Jurors decided Tuesday that Dr. Jonathan Walker was not negligent in the surgery on 23-year-old Kenneth "Ryan" Irby on May 4, 2007. Irby claims one of his testicles was removed without his consent...Federal authorities said 69 suspected illegal immigrants, including two children and an infant, have been rescued from a drop house in Phoenix. Detectives said they believe those inside the house were undocumented immigrants at a stop on their way from Mexico...Police are asking for help in locating an 18-year-old woman who went missing from Mesa Tuesday. Mesa Police say, just after 1 p.m., Ericka Valenzuela was seen getting into a cab outside where she works near Brown Road and Country Club. Police say she has not been seen since...Scottsdale Healthcare is holding seminars next month aiming to improve women's health. As part of the seminars, the hospital is introducing a new high-tech surgical robot during a free "Below the Belt Issues for Women" seminar May 4 at Scottsdale Healthcare Thompson Peak Hospital and May 27 at Scottsdale Healthcare Shea Medical Center.

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