Hot Links: The State of the State is Broke

By Ray Stern

Look for a special session by Arizona lawmakers who overspent their account by $1.2 billion. Obama’s chief-of-staff pick, Rahm Emanuel, is becoming a target of criticism for his role in the Freddie Mac scandal. Elliot Spitzer, the disgraced former New York governor, squeaks out of criminal trouble for hiring hookers. The New York Times reports on business owners who are disappointed in the Arizona and California votes to ban gay marriage. President Bush’s dog bites a reporter who gets it all on video. Universities want more cash from students, what with the state pantry being bare and all. A Calfornia jury votes for death in evil yacht murder case. Voters kicked out the old sheriff and are welcoming the new one – in Pinal County. Don’t let your kid near candle oil, which sickened three Arizona little ones.

Arizona lawmakers preparing for special session to deal with $1.2 billion budget shortfall.

Obama’s chief of staff facing questions about Freddie Mac involvement.

Whoremongering ex-governor of New York won’t face criminal charges.

Flower businesses crushed at gay marriage prohibitions.

First dog bites reporter

Universities proposing large tuition increases.

California jury recommends death for killer of Prescott yacht owners.

Voters kick sheriff out of office – in Pinal County.

Scented candle oil poisons three Arizona children.

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