Hot Links: Thomas Plans to Attend Supervisors Meeting; Governor Brewer Hates Speed Cameras; Rx Drug Database Causes Concern

Thomas says he's coming to a county meeting on Sheriff Joe Arpaio's inmate segregation policy, which makes sense if he's planning to run for state Attorney General next year. Governor Jan Brewer's love-hate dilemma on photo enforcement: She hates it, but the state loves the money. Coming to a hacker near you: A statewide computer system that will track your prescription drug habits. In an unexpected twist, a new chain store is actually opening in the Valley and offering jobs instead of pink slips. Baby, it's cold outside -- and it might be getting colder today as a new storm front moves in. One place it's not cold, though, is the 6,000-square-foot house that's burning in Scottsdale this morning. 











Thomas says he'll likely be at county meeting today


Brewer: Photo enforcement "invasion into our privacy"

Rx drug users to be tracked in pharmacy system




Kohl's opening in Valley; 150 job openings this week


Cold storm moving into Valley


Scottsdale home burns


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