Hot Links: Troops at Borders, Bobcats in Bars, and Burgers

At a senate committee hearing Wednesday, senators both praised and poked holes in President Obama's plan to send more troops to border states to combat Mexican drug cartels and associated violence, but Arizona Senator John McCain lauded Mexico President Felipe Calderon's efforts to combat the cartels...Despite budget cuts, the Maricopa County Community College District governing board voted 4-1 against a tuition hike. The proposed increase would have generated $12.5 million in additional funds for the college system, but board president Colleen Clark said asking students for more money in the current economy "would be like drawing blood from a turnip"...So a bobcat walks into a bar: Patrons at a bar in Cottonwood had a wild time when a rabid bobcat burst into the bar and started wreaking havoc. The animal attacked three patrons before being shot and killed by Cottonwood Police...Officials say faulty fare-card readers led to a $235,000 loss in revenue for Metro light rail...A Sedona man named Allen Elfman faces charges including fraud, forgery, and impersonation of a public officer after allegedly posing as a justice of the peace and performing weddings in Sedona...Baseball fans in Michigan can now, uh, enjoy a $20 hamburger laden with cholesterol and calories. The West Michigan Whitecaps team introduced the burger, which includes five beef patties and slices of cheese, a cup of chili, salsa, and corn chips. Sounds decadent, but we wouldn't sit behind anybody who's ordered one.

Senators: Obama border initiative good step, but insufficient

Community colleges reject hike in tuition

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